Dear Valued Customer:

We at Raincheck respect the privacy of our customers and are committed to treating customer’s information responsibly. Our Privacy Policy serves as a standard for all Raincheck employees for collection, use, retention and security of individual customer. Raincheck has not, and will not, share your nonpublic, personal information with any third parties.
Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to contact us to opt out of information sharing.


Our Privacy Pledge. As a customer of Raincheck, you do not have to worry about the security and confidentiality of your personal information. Just like you, we want all of your personal information kept that way—personal and private. This notice describes the privacy policy and practices followed by Raincheck.

1. Member Information We Collect. Raincheck collects only relevant information about members in order to establish and maintain your account and services as the law allows or requires us to collect. We may collect personal information about you which is “non-public”. The non-public personal information we collect varies depending on the services you request and use. We collect information about you from the following sources:
a. Application Information. We retain personal information we receive from you on any application you provide for an account. Application information includes: name, address, Social Security number, and drivers license number.
b. Your Transactions. Any time you make a loan on your account, we retain the transaction information. This includes loan number, the date, the amounts, and the location of the transaction.

2. Our Confidentiality and Security Safeguards. We maintain strict policies and security controls to assure that your nonpublic personal information our computer systems and files are protected.
a. Employee Access. Raincheck employees do have access to your information in order to provide service to you. However, our employees’ access is restricted to their need to know such information or as necessary to conduct a loan or respond to your inquiries. All employees are trained to respect clients’ privacy. No one except our employees has access to the Raincheck computer system and our records on file.
b. Security Safeguards. Raincheck has established security controls and procedures to safeguard the information you provide us and the information we collect about you. Generally, our E-mails are not secure.

3. Our Sharing of Member Information. In order to provide financial services to you, we share certain information about you with our affiliates and third-party service providers. However, we limit any information sharing to the extent necessary to service your account. If we share your information, it is with the goal of bringing you quality services, more choices, and greater convenience. Information we may have about former members is generally only shared or disclosed if required to enforce or administer an account or as required by law.
a. Sharing Information with Pay Day Advance Loan Affiliates. We may share the following information with our affiliates so they can serve you more efficiently:
-Client information (name, loan number)
-Account information (type of account, account balance, transaction history).
Because we maintain management control over our affiliate(s), you can expect our affiliate(s) to maintain the same privacy standards as Raincheck.
b. Sharing Information with Third-Party Service Providers. In order for us to conduct our operations, including servicing your account or processing your loans, we need to share information with our service providers, including the following: check and other payment processing companies, payment networks, collection agencies, and service providers with whom we have joint agreements. These service providers act on our behalf and have agreed to keep the information we provide to them confidential. We share the following categories of information to third-party service providers, depending on the specific services provided:
-Loan information (type of loan, loan balances, transaction history).
-Customer information (name, address, loan number)
-Transaction information (dates, amounts, locations)
Raincheck does not sell customer information, including loan numbers, with nonaffiliated third party marketers offering their products and services.
c. Sharing Information as Legally Required or Permitted. We may share any nonpublic personal information of yours in response to a lawful request issued by a court, government agency, or regulatory authority or as permitted by law in order to administer or enforce your account.